The Medical Information Form (MEDIF) & Frequent Travellers Medical Card (FREMEC)

If your health is in doubt or need special assistance, please complete the Medical Information Form (MEDIF) to make us aware of your needs so that we can offer special assistance on your journey and/or evaluate whether it’s safe for you to travel.

Part 1 of the MEDIF should be filled in by the passenger or a ticket office agent on behalf of the passenger.

Part 2 should be completed by the passenger’s doctor.

On completion, both part 1 and 2 should be handed over to the nearest SriLankan Airlines ticket office at least 48 hours before the flight to process your request. Please note that we may contact you or your doctor for further information/clarification on your condition if required.

SriLankan Airlines must be notified immediately of any change in the passengers condition PRIOR to travel

Download (Medical Form)

Frequent travellers medical card - FREMEC

Frequent Traveller’s Medical Card (FREMEC) - Easing travel formalities for the convenience of our differently abled frequent flyer customers who require special assistance and care.

Passengers holding a FREMEC card are no longer required to submit a MEDA form signed by their physicians each time they fly with us, provided there has been no change in their condition or the assistance required.

Obtaining a FREMEC is as simple as submitting a one-time medical form to any SriLankan Airlines office worldwide. The one time form, downloaded from here and filled and certified by his/her personal physician. On evaluation and eligibility, SriLankan Airlines’ Medical Services would then issue a FREMEC card in the name of the passenger to be collected from the relevant Ticket Office.



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