Advance seat reservation

Choose your seat well in Advance:

Prefer a window or an Aisle seat? Now you can secure your preferred seat well in advance at a fee before online check-in opens!

You can reserve your preferred seat

  • while purchasing your ticket on
  • by logging in to the Manage my Booking feature after you have purchased your ticket. This is the most convenient method for you.
  • by visiting any of our ticket offices
  • by calling our Global Contact Centre (within Sri Lanka 1979 or International +94 777 771979)
  • through your travel agent.

Once online check-in opens 48 hours prior to departure, Seat reservation is offered to you on complimentary basis.

Long haul

London, Melbourne, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai effective from August 2018

Destinations Charges*
Long haul Other channels
London, Melbourne, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai USD 15 USD 13

Medium haul

Destinations Charges*
Medium haul Other channels
Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bangkok, Canton, Dammam, Delhi, Dhaka, Doha, Dubai, Gaya, Jakarta, Jeddah, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Lahore, Muscat, Riyadh, Seychelles, Singapore and Varanasi. USD 10 USD 8

Short haul

Destinations Charges*
Short haul Other channels
Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, GanIsland, Hyderabad, Kochin, Kolkata, Madurai, Maldives, Mumbai, Tiruchirappalli, Trivandrum, Visakhapatnam. USD 5 USD 5

Applicable charges:

  • Rates in US Dollars are for your reference only. Seat selection charges will be applied in the same currency as your ticket at the prevailing rate of exchange.
  • Special promotional rates are available on
  • Rates are subject to change at the discretion of the airline
  • Advanced seat reservation will be chargeable for Economy Class passengers on the above routes. If you have reserved your seats prior to the activation date, you will not be required to make a payment.
  • Advance Seat Reservation charges are non-refundable for voluntary changes.

This service will be expanded to other routes gradually.

Seat Reservation is Complimentary;

  • Once online check-in opens 48 hours prior to departure
  • If you are travelling on Business class.
  • For FlySmiles Platinum and Oneworld Emerald members (with effect from 24th July 2019)
  • For passengers who are holding an Economy Flex fare on H, P, B or Y classes.
  • For passenger traveling with infant.
  • For passengers eligible for wheelchair facility up to the cabin.

For more Information please read the terms and conditions

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Last updated date – 23rd August 2019



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