Claiming Missing Miles

Claiming Missing Miles

Your name on your FlySmiLes profile should match the name on your passport and reservation, to ensure that miles are updated automatically





Please contact the FlySmiLes call center on +(94) 19733 3333 or email to update your profile if required.

For flights on SriLankan Airlines, please allow a minimum of 72 hours for your miles to be updated on your statement. Please note that a minimum of 6-8 weeks is required for miles earned on other airlines to be accrued to your account.

If you are a FlySmiLes member and have forgotten to claim your miles, you may still do so for up to 6 months of your travel with SriLankan Airlines. On new enrolments, members can claim miles up to two months of past travel.

If you are missing miles of a flight activity on SriLankan or a partner Airline, please provide a scan copy of boarding pass, booking reference and ticket number to earn retroactive credit. Retroactive miles may be claimed up to 6 months of your air travel with Sri Lankan Airlines.

Please login to claim your missing miles

You will be able to view your updated miles balance by logging on to your account.

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