Transit Accommodation

SriLankan Airlines will arrange accommodation for passengers with extended transit times in Colombo.

The Following conditions will be applied for transit Accommodation:

  1. Passengers should arrive in a SriLankan Airlines’ flight and transit in Colombo for over 8 hours and up to 24 hours, and also should connect to another SriLankan airlines flight.
  2. Passengers are eligible for this service only if they do not have a connection within 8 hours. Passengers will not be eligible for this service when there are connections for the same sector with transit times less than 8 hours in Colombo even if you have booked a flight with more than 8 hours transit time.
  3. Passengers should hold a SriLankan airlines through ticket under a single booking reference to be eligible for this facility. Eg: - Passengers holding two separate tickets for Dubai to Colombo and Colombo to Chennai will not be entitled for this service.
  4. To avail this offer, the minimum ticket fare per segment (Fare plus fuel surcharge) should be a minimum of USD 350 for one direction and USD 700 for both directions.
  5. Passengers should arrange the transit accommodation with the relevant personnel prior to arriving in Colombo. Please contact your nearest SriLankan Airlines office, the Global contact center or your travel agent at least 48 hours prior to commencing your journey to arrange this service if eligible for your journey.
  6. Transit accommodation is at the discretion of SriLankan Airlines.

*Confirmation of your hotel in Colombo does not guarantee entry to Sri Lanka. This is entirely at the discretion of the Sri Lankan Immigration authority.

Obtaining visa for country of transit and country of destination as applicable remains the responsibility of the passenger. In the event of entry is not permitted, SriLankan Airlines is not held liable, in spite of holding a hotel booking.

To make arrangements for the transit accommodation in the event that you are entitled for this facility, please contact your Nearest SriLankan ticket office or the SriLankan global contact center as follows,

Within Sri Lanka - 1979

Outside Sri Lanka - +94 11777 1979

Email -



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