Bid Now for Business Class

Upgrade is SriLankan Airline’s latest value added service that offers you the opportunity to indulge in Business Class comforts. All you have to do is to place your bid online after purchasing your ticket and stand a chance to obtain an upgrade.

How to apply
Any Economy Class ticket-holder bound to any SriLankan operated international destination can place a bid online until 36hrs before departure. Go to the webpage and fill in the e-form with accurate details. Review and submit your bid for an upgrade. The payment has to be made through credit card and if the offer is accepted the passenger will be billed for the upgrade. The confirmation will be sent to the passenger via email between 35 and 24hrs prior to departure.

In the instances where an upgrade is not possible, the previous booking will remain valid and nothing will be charged from the ticket-holder.
Now, an upgrade is just a few clicks away!

Upgrade yourself

Please Note
1. Passengers holding other Airline tickets and traveling on SriLankan Airlines are not eligible to bid.
2. Passengers holding SriLankan Airlines tickets issued using Flysmiles miles redemption booked on X class are not eligible to bid. Flysmiles redemption on M class and Tickets purchased using Cash plus miles will not be eligible for accrual of miles.
3. The system may accept bids using other Airline tickets, however such bids will not be processed.
4. Passengers travelling with infants are not eligible to bid.
5. Please check the available Business Class fares on for your flight prior to bidding, which may help you to decide the bid value.

What criteria determine the success of the offer?

The selection criteria will be based on the below factors. However offers will be selected at the discretion of SriLankan Airlines and there is no guarantee that your offer will be accepted even if seats are available and your bid is at the highest permitted level.

The success of an offer depends on a combination of factors including but not limited to:

  • Offer bid amount
  • Competing offers
  • Number of seats available to upgrade
  • Number of passengers in the offer
  • FlySmiLes loyalty status
  • Success history of past offers

To improve your chances of success, we recommend putting forward your best offer.



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