How to book our complimentary chauffeur – drive service.

  1. Make your bookings through our SriLankan ticket offices or our Global call centre at the numbers below
    From UK - 0330 808 0800 | From Singapore - 315 805 80 | From Germany - 6990 732 333 | From France - 9751 81999 | From Hong Kong - China - 819 800 79 | From Japan – 505 532 3229 | From Italy – 0689 970 268 | From Malaysia – 321 683 615 | From Thailand – 600 035 642 | From outside Sri Lanka - +94 11777 1979
  2. Requests have to be made 30 hours prior to departure with the full address including the post code.
  3. If within 30 hours of departure, an email request must be sent to '' with your flight details, phone number and pick up, drop off addresses. However, in such instances, please note that this service cannot be guaranteed.

Terms and conditions

  1. SriLankan Airlines Complimentary Chauffeur – drive service is available for Business class passengers at the Heathrow Airport on arrival or departure as below.
    • BIZ SAVER - Maximum of 50 driven Mile distance on arrival or departure
    • BIZ Value - Maximum of 50 driven Mile distance on arrival or departure
    • BIZ PLUS - Maximum of 75 driven mile distance on arrival or departure
  2. This service is not available for selected discounted business class promotional fares
  3. In case of adult and child tickets, this service will be offered to a child accompanied by an adult. This service is not available for unaccompanied minors.
  4. This service would not be provided if the address doesn’t include the post code.
  5. The chauffeur drive service will only be made available for confirmed seats and issued tickets. This service is not available for involuntary upgrades or upgrades done on space available basis.
  6. If in case the free miles entitlement is exceeded, the additional amount must be paid direct to the driver.
  7. If passengers fail to cancel booking and the chauffeur car arrives at your residence, please note that the chauffeur drive service will not be rebooked
  8. In case of any special requests such as baby seats, extra baggage, special needs and etc, please note that SriLankan Airlines has to be informed beforehand.
  9. In case of cancellations, please contact / 0330 8080 800 or any of the numbers given above for the Global Call Centre within 48 hours of departure



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