Diversion of PIA flight with SriLankan operating crew

Colombo, February 08, 2017: Pakistan International Airlines flight PK757 on 7th February 2017, an A330-300 aircraft wet-leased from SriLankan Airlines with a SriLankan Airlines operating crew, was en route from Lahore, Pakistan to London Heathrow, when received a request from authorities in London to divert to Stansted Airport due to unspecified information with regard to one passenger.

The flight was escorted into Stansted by British Royal Air Force aircraft and landed at 1456 hours without incident. The aircraft was met by law enforcement authorities and the passenger was off-loaded and taken into custody.

Exercising an abundance of caution in line with SriLankan Airlines’ high standards of safety and security, the Captain requested that a baggage ID check be carried out before the aircraft was to be ferried back to London Heathrow.

Due to the London Heathrow curfew and crew time limitation regulations, it was not possible for the aircraft to be ferried to London Heathrow on the same day. It was therefore decided to ferry the aircraft to London Heathrow on the morning of following day 8th February. The passengers were transported to London by road transportation.


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