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The onboard entertainment system features more than 100 movies including the latest Blockbusters, kids’ movies, and cinematic masterpieces in 15 Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic and Malayalam languages. It also comes with more than 100 television programmes, offering you the opportunity to advertise with SriLankan Airlines effectively.

With a wide variety to choose from, our Inflight entertainment system has a captive audience of over 4 million passengers per annum. This automatically renders it a potent medium of on-board advertising. Each time a programme is played, selective advertisements will proceed it, commanding the undivided attention of the passenger.

What it offers you

  • An excellent medium for brand and corporate image enhancement.
  • It will reach the affluent local as well as the expatriate and international markets
  • No other medium could offer a captive audience that a movie or a TV programme on board an aircraft could deliver
  • It will reassure, enhance and reinforce the brand image with clients.

Our Inflight Entertainment System will feature a limited number of adverts, giving our advertisers maximum exposure and the benefit of the limelight. It showcases a carefully selected lineup of the best and the most exclusive brands of Sri Lanka and abroad, making you an exclusive advertiser with SriLankan Airlines.

SriLankan Airlines’ Inflight entertainment ensures a greater appeal to a wide variety of local and international audiences with its content selection and user-friendly systems on board.

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