About SriLankan Cares
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About SriLankan Cares
At SriLankan, as much we ferry hearts to cosy homes, connections to sealed and cemented bonding and wonderers to their heartlands, we ferry hopes for the hapless, and tomorrows for those who need a light to see beyond their todays. At SriLankan, the urge to make the world a better place for the rightful owners of our tomorrow, is not a mere goal printed on billboards. For us, when it comes to caring—the sky is just the beginning…because, SriLankan Cares!
We, SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier of Sri Lanka, have been devoted to every community that we serve. Be it our employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers, ours is a family that serves the world with a big heart, spreading joy and hope in our journey to conquer the skies. SriLankan Airlines recognizes that social responsibility has many facets and has identified health, education and youth empowerment as its topmost priorities. As an affirmation of its commitments towards the future generations, SriLankan Airline’s CSR Arm, SriLankan Cares is believed to be the first private sector company in Sri Lanka’s commercial field to set up a specialized branding and an institution for charity.
Since its inception in 2003, SriLankan Cares has been bringing together the national carrier's many programmes that have each been independently working towards the company's goal of uplifting needy children throughout Sri Lanka. It is also involved in in many infrastructure development projects, scholarships, and seminars and workshops enhancing the quality of education and health for children.
Ours is a mission that brings together the wide-hearted. This is the doorway of the givers who don’t get jitters at the sight of support-seeking hands. This is a canvas that needs lasting smiles painted on it. And we have started!
More brushes are needed…
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