Learning and Development

SriLankan strongly upholds the notion that “To develop business, we must first develop people”. We believe that each employee is unique and possesses a diverse set of skills. Therefore we have placed a strong emphasis on developing and harnessing the human talent that resides within the Company. Our focus is on maximizing the capabilities of our employees.

Every day at SriLankan is a whole new learning experience altogether. The exposure to aviation industry and the opportunity to work alongside experienced industry professionals transform the everyday experience at SriLankan into a fulfilling endeavour.

We believe that human talent needs to evolve. The meticulously crafted training programmes that we offer aim to grant our employees with the competitive edge that they require to stay abreast with the demands of the industry. The training that we offer is on par with industry standards and we create the ideal launching pad that the aspiring individuals need to develop flourishing careers in the field of aviation.



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