Engaging our Employees

We at SriLankan Airlines believe that the right kind of engagement drives our staff to give their best day after day. With an enhanced sense of their own wellbeing and togetherness across the board, we believe that with effective employee engagement activities, each employee is motivated to contribute towards the success of the organization with an increased commitment to its goals and values.

We are always looking for platforms upon which we can bring all our employees together. Whether it be the Children’s Day, Women’s Day or other important forums such as Tea Chats with the CEO, we constantly focus on the inclusion of each and every member of the organization. Initiatives such as VERSO - the companywide talent search and the UL Sports Day brings together the entire organization in a common forum to showcase the unity and solidarity of the SriLankan Family.

As part of our employee engagement activities, we make sure that climate surveys are conducted regularly which help us understand the needs and desires of the employees of our organization. We believe that a positive working environment where each and every member could expand and thrive is key to a successful corporate culture which ultimately results in the flourishing of the organization itself.

UL1st: A pledge to awaken selfless commitment

Enhancing employee engagement

Being an employee of SriLankan Airlines is to be truly SriLankan to the core and live by everything that is SriLankan. It’s a way of life that you will embrace as an employee. Being a true SriLankan employee means to consider ‘UL 1st’ and prioritize SriLankan above self-centred motives. As the 2018 dawned, the entire SriLankan family pledged in unison to put ‘UL 1st’ and work with unwavering commitment and dedication towards driving the Company forward. SriLankan theme for 2018, ‘UL 1st’ invited all employees to make a selfless commitment towards strengthening the Airline’s efforts to reign skies.

The theme was introduced to solidify the bond that knits the entire SriLankan workforce as one family. The initiative aimed at enhancing employee engagement, strengthening interdepartmental unity, increasing employee interaction and motivating employees to aspire richer avenues for the Airline.

The theme for the year 2018 projects the Airline’s aspirations to conquer skies as a common interest that supersedes all self-interests. Demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the Airline’s mission, the committed employees of SriLankan Airlines pledged in unison to embrace the Company Theme. As an employer, SriLankan Airlines empowers its employees and enables them to stand strong as independent individuals. Therefore it is with a sense of gratitude that employees made a pledge to make a selfless commitment towards the Airline.

The initiative also invited employees to embrace Company Values which are Creativity, Diligence, Leadership, Proactiveness and Accountability. Employees pledged to redefine their work ethic and live by Company Values as they make a conscious effort to fuel the Airline’s way forward.

UL 1st Logo

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