Legal basis of the institution

SriLankan Airlines Limited is a limited liability company bearing registration No. PB 67, governed under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007 Sri Lanka.

The current stated capital of the Company is indicated in Form 6 and the total number of shares issued by the Company is indicated in Form 15, which are both public documents filed by the Company at the Registrar of Companies.

The current shareholders of Company as at 1st December 2017:

  1. Secretary to the Treasury on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka (majority shareholder),
  2. Employees’ Provident Fund,
  3. Peoples’ Bank and
  4. Employees (both past and present) who had been issued shares under an employee share ownership scheme

The current directors of the Company as at 1st June 2018:

  1. Mr. Ranjit Fernando – Chairman
  2. Mr. Mano Tittawella
  3. Mr. Susantha Katugampala
  4. Dr. Roshan Perera
  5. Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy
  6. Mr. S. G. Senarathna
  7. Mr. Johann Wijesinghe
  8. Prof. Arjuna P de Silva

History of registration

The Company was incorporated at the inception under the name of Air Lanka Limited under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 145) on the 11th January 1979. Air Lanka Limited having complied with the conditions of Section 93 of the Companies Ordinance, was entitled to commence business on 02nd March 1979 under registration no PBS.1020. The name of “Air Lanka Limited” was subsequently changed to “SriLankan Airlines Limited” on the 07th May 1999. Thereafter with the adoption of the new Companies Act, the Company was re-registered on 09th November 2007 with new registration number PB 67.

Registered office of the Company

Airline Centre, Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake.

Subsidiaries of the Company

The subsidiaries of the Company are Sri Lankan Catering Limited and Air Lanka Private Limited which are 100% owned by the Company.


There are 13 main divisions of the Company which are driving the operations of the organizations. Those divisions are:

  • Commercial
  • Finance,
  • Human Resources,
  • Airport & Ground Services,
  • Cabin Services,
  • Flight Operations,
  • Engineering,
  • Cargo,
  • Legal,
  • Information Technology,
  • SriLankan Aviation College,
  • Revenue Planning Management and Commercial Support,
  • Corporate Secretarial Services,

and there are departments under those divisions

The Senior Management Team of the Company comprises of the officers in charge of these divisions.

The functions of these departments are governed by various internal manuals and policies to ensure consistency and transparency in the operational activities.

The decision making of the Company takes place at various levels. As a company incorporated under the Companies Act, the Board of Directors has the authority on final decision making. The strategic decisions relating to the business affairs of the Company are made at the Board of Directors level in consultation with the Senior Management Team and other stakeholders.

The Senior Management Team is in charge of implementing broader policies and decisions of the Board of Directors, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and are involved with the decision making of the Board of Directors.

The affairs of the Company are governed under internal manuals and policies dealing with the following subject areas - people administration & people engagement, third party maintenance operations, related party transactions & donations, marketing, social media, interlining, commercial promotions, financial accounting, corporate information security, general service agents & international relations, outstation finance, corporate credit control, procurement, revenue accounting, management accounting & financial services, information technology and risk management.

The human resource policy dealing with people administration & people engagement, deals with numerous subject areas including the employee grading structure and job categories, hours, work schedules, overtime, holidays, performance evaluation, termination of employment, disciplinary procedure, medical services and benefits, transfers, leave, talent resourcing, recruitment, remuneration, duty travel, business travel, staff travel, dress code, bonding, grievance/ dispute handling, whistle blowing, harassment, employment of differently abled persons, gender equity, employee development, alcohol & drug testing, information technology security, accident & illness and overseas employees.


The Company as the National Carrier of Sri Lanka, is an integral part of the aviation industry in Sri Lanka. Therefore, some of the primary legislation governing aviation industry in Sri Lanka that are relevant to the Company, are as follows.

  • Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka Act No 34 of 2002
  • Civil Aviation Act No. 14 of 2010
  • The Air Navigation Act No 15 of 1950
  • Air Navigation (Special Provisions) Act (No. 55 of 1992).
  • Offences Against Aircraft Act No 24 of 1982

Apart from that, the Company as an international airline having operations in other countries, will be subject to the laws of other countries where the Company operates or carries out its business physically or via any other media. As a result, the Company is constantly monitoring the regulatory developments in other jurisdictions in order to ensure that it complies with them.

As an airline involved with the carriage of passengers and good by air, the Company is subject to certain international conventions. The Warsaw Convention 1929 as amended by various protocols and the Montreal Convention are key international conventions which are considered by the Company in determining the airline’s liability towards a passenger, shipper or consignee. In addition, there are several international conventions that govern safety of passengers on board the aircraft, which are also relevant to the Company.

The regulator of the aviation industry in Sri Lanka is the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka and the Company is subject to regulations and safety notices issued by them from time to time. The Company possesses the following licenses issued by the CAASL to operate as a commercial airline registered in Sri Lanka.

  • Airline Licence
  • Air Operator Certificate
  • Air Transport Licence
  • Charter Licence

In addition, the Company has been appointed as the Service Provider by Order published in Gazette Extraordinary No. 1801/37 dated 15th March 2013 by the Minister of Civil Aviation to provide ground handling and catering services to aircraft at Bandaranaike International Airport, Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport and at the Colombo Airport, Ratmalana.

The Company is acting as the sole and exclusive ground handling agent at the Bandaranaike International Airport. At present the Company also provides ground handling services at Mattala Rajapakse Airport.

The Company is a registered company under Section 17 of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka Law No. 4 of 1978 (as amended by the Board of Investment Law of Sri Lankan Amendments Acts) and accordingly the Company is entitled to various benefits/exemptions.


The procurement activities of the Company are guided by the Government Procurement Guidelines and Manual issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Once a tender has been awarded the successful bidder will be required to enter into a contract with the Company within a stipulated time period. Each user department of the Company to which the subject matter of the contract relates, is the respective custodian of the contract.


Records under the Companies Act

The Company maintains records in terms the Companies Act No.07 of 2007 and these are available for inspection by members of the public in terms of the applicable provisions of this Act. These records include the articles of association, incorporation certificate, director and secretaries register, charges register, instruments creating or evidencing charges and particulars of the registered office of the company.

Other records are also available for perusal by shareholders of the Company (or a person authorized in writing by a shareholder) in terms of the applicable provisions of the Companies Act and these records include minutes of meetings and resolutions of shareholders, copies of written communications to shareholder, annual reports, financial statements, certificates issued by directors, and the interests register of the company.

These records are kept at the Company Secretary’s Office at Level 22, East Tower, World Trade Centre, Echelon Square, Colombo 01. A copy or extract thereof may be requested in terms of the provisions of the Companies Act.


Databases are maintained by all user departments of the Company covering the business operations of the airline. The Information Technology Division is responsible for information security of data comprised in these databases.


The Annual Report is prepared by the Company and it is available for perusal free of charge on this website.

The Company publishes a magazine under the name of “Serendib” for onboard reading by airline passengers.


Contact Details of Information Officers

Contact details of the Information Officer and the Designated Officer of SriLankan Airlines Limited appointed under Section 23(1) of the Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016, are provided here as per Section 26(1) of that Act.

Information Officer

Ms. Shiara Sellamuttu
Group Legal Affairs Manager
Tel: +94197334466

SriLankan Airlines has designated departments to handle preliminary requests for information on operational matters affecting our valued passengers.

Passenger concerns
General matters

Please access further contact details of these departments by using the link below


The Right to Information Commission is an independent statutory Commission established under the Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016.

As per sec 32 (1) of the Act, any citizen aggrieved by:– (a) the decision made by the Designated Appeals Officer of SriLankan Airlines in respect of an appeal under section 31(1); or (b) the failure to obtain a decision on any appeal made within the time specified for giving the same under section 31(3), may appeal against that decision or the failure to obtain a decision, to the Right to Information Commission

Contact details of the Right to Information Commission and the members of the Commission, are provided here as per Section 26(1)(a) of the Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016.

Right to Information Commission

Address     :       Room No 203-204, BMICH, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07
Telephone     :       011 2691626
E-Mail     :
Fax     :       011 2691625

Members of the Right to Information Commission




Mahinda Gammampila


162/1A, Thalawathugoda Road, Pitakotte

Kishali Pinto Jayawardena


No. 23, Walawwatta Place, Galpotta Road, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya

S.G. Punchihewa


210/1, Balika Niwasa Road, Rukmale, Pannipitiya

Justice A.W.A. Salam


No. 29, Rahula Mawatha, Dehiwala

Dr. Selvy Thiruchandran


No. 27/6, 5th Lane, Colombo 06


Fees to be charged for obtaining any information from SriLankan Airlines Limited are provided here as per Section 26(1)(d) and Section 26(2) of the Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016 and the relevant sections from the Regulations promulgated under Extraordinary Gazette No 2004/66 dated 03 February 2017 can be referred to here under the Right to Information Commission Rules of 2017 (paragraphs 3-12)


Right to Information Act No 12
Regulations promulgated on 03.02.2017

Application Forms


Shareholder travel benefits

Past/Present employee shareholders (including their spouse and children under 24 years) are entitled to 3 Economy Class free of charge tickets every two years irrespective of the number of shares held. These tickets are issued on sub-load basis for destinations where UL operates. The Shareholder Travel Policy and subsequent amendments are dispatched to all shareholders and also uploaded in the ‘Shareholder Communique Site’ on the link below

Transmission of shares

At the demise of an existing shareholder, his/her successors can request for transmission of shares upon producing proper evidence of death certificate and the grant of probate/letter of administration or such other evidence together with a Share Transfer Form. A request for share transmission should be forwarded to the Company Secretary’s Office, SriLankan Airlines Ltd presently located at 22nd Floor, East Tower, World Trade Centre, Echelon Square, Colombo 1.

Requesting for a duplicate share certificate

If a share certificate is lost, a duplicate share certificate will be issued at the request and expense of the Shareholder. A request for issuance of a duplicate share certificate should be forwarded to the Company Secretary’s Office, SriLankan Airlines Ltd presently located at 22nd Floor, East Tower, World Trade Centre, Echelon Square, Colombo 1.

Payment of dividends

Dividends are declared out of profits of a company. The Company cannot presently declare any dividends due to the negative financial status of SriLankan Airlines Ltd for the past several years.

Sec 10 of the RTI Act - Report to RTI Commission dated 29th December 2017


(a)the total number of requests received during the

year and information provided and rejected;

Twenty three (23) requests for information were received by SriLankan Airlines Ltd.


One (01) request for information was received by SriLankan Catering Ltd.


In summary of the categories of information which we have provided and rejected, we have


§  provided basic information contained in commercial agreements but have denied providing confidential pricing information of these international and/or local business partners who are party to or relevant to these agreements and have denied providing copies of commercial agreements themselves, specifically those agreements and related correspondence which engender matters of great confidentiality and sensitivity.


§  provided the total salaries in each grade of the company but denied requests on remuneration/allowances/emoluments of named employees and/or named executive grade officials.


§  provided inquiry reports pertaining to disciplinary hearings culminating in cessation of employment.


§  disclosed the content of board minutes relevant to a requestor’s request for information, but have denied extracts of board meeting minutes.


§  referred the requestors to the tender bidding document specifying the technical criteria to be met by the bidders, but denied providing copies of the individual financial bids and individual technical bids received from bidders in response to a tender, and denied providing the technical evaluation report which evaluates all the technical bids.


§  provided charges identified in the Company Annual Report related to cancelling of Airbus A350 aircraft but denied providing confidential agreements and/or correspondence relating to ordering and cancellation of Airbus A350 aircraft.


§  provided information on numbers of persons recruited, numbers of persons departed and numbers of contract employees made permanent during a designated period but have denied requests on names of personnel recruited to specific departments and dates of permanency pertaining to their respective employment contracts.


§  provided information identified in the Company Annual Report in respect of total costs of privilege and firm air tickets borne by the Company but have denied dates of travel information of named individuals.


§  provided aircraft redelivery delay costs as a total during a designated period and redelivery check costs on an individual aircraft basis but have denied any information requests pertaining to confidential terms and pricing information in the aircraft lease agreements that concern redelivery (for example costs of liquidated damages and lease extension rental costs).


(b)the amount of fees collected during the year;



(c) the number of requests rejected under section 5;

In respect of the requests received from requestors, we disclosed parts of the information, and withheld parts of the information.


There were ten (10) requestors who received decisions where parts of information requests were rejected.


(d)the number of times information was provided at the direction of the Commission;



(e)any suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the regime of transparency;



(f)the number of appeals from refusal to communicate information;


There was three (03) appeals.

(g) practices relating to the maintenance, management and destruction of records;

We have incorporated all requirements pertaining to sec 7 of the RTI Act in the Corporate Information Security Manual of the Company so the same is being implemented by the respective user departments.


(h) its activities under section 8.

As per the information regularly updated on the Right to Information section of the website.



Budget, Financial Information/ Actual Income & Expenditure

The preparation of Company’s budget is handled by the Finance Division with the support of the rest of the departments.

Please refer to the Financial Reports section comprised in the Company Annual Reports.

Audit Reports

The Independent Auditors’ Report section is comprised in the Annual Report. The Annual Reports of the Company are audited by the Auditor General’s Department.

Basic Salary –Total for each Grade
Monthly Basic Salary Cost by Grade

Salary Scales – Employees of the Company
SriLankan Airlines Remuneration Details


Senior Management Team

Vipula Gunatilleka
Group Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Siva Ramachandran
Chief Commercial Officer

Dinnaga Padmaperuma
Chief Technical Officer

Dalrene Thirukumar
Company Secretary/Head of Corporate Secretarial Services

Yasantha Dissanayake
Head of Financial Management

Buddhika Manage
Acting Head of Cabin Services

Pradeepa Kekulawala
Head of Human Resources

Mayuka Ranasinghe
Head of Group Legal Affairs

Chamara Perera
Head of Information Technology

Chamara Ranasinghe
Head of Cargo

Capt. Rajind Ranatunga
Head of Flight Operations

Sumudu Upatissa
Head of Revenue Management,Planning and Commercial Support

Dimuthu Tennakoon
Head of Worldwide Sales and Distribution
+94 19733 1300

Primal De Silva
General Manager, SriLankan Aviation College

Lt. Col. Bandula Weragama
General Manager, Airport and Ground Services

Remunerations and Allowances of Executive Grade Public Officials

Please refer the section under budget information which captures the monthly salary totals per grade, salary scales and allowances for all employees of the Company.


As per 30th November 2017, the Company had 7020 employees, of whom 6783 are based in Sri Lanka and 237 are based outside Sri Lanka.

The workforce comprises flight crew, cabin crew, engineers (other than licensed aircraft engineers), aircraft technicians, trainees, graded staff, executives, managers, and the Senior Management Team.

Collective Agreements

The Company has entered in to collective agreements with 5 trade unions representing airline pilots, flight attendants, aircraft technicians, licensed aircraft engineers and members of Sri Lanka Nidahas Sevaka Sangamaya. Each of the above collective agreements are, for the purposes of the Industrial Disputes Act No. 43 of 1950 (as amended), binding on the trade union, the Company and workmen referred to in that collective agreement and the terms of each collective agreement are implied terms in the contract of employment between the Company and employees bound by the agreement.



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