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Wheelchairs at the airport

If you need a wheelchair to help you through the airport, please request at the time of making your booking, and we’ll do everything we can to help you out.

Passengers requesting wheelchair assistance at the airport without prior notice, will offered such assistance at a charge of LKR 2000, except for air travel involving a continuous journey in the same aircraft or with a single flight number that begins or ends at a U.S. airport.

Travelling with your own Mobility Equipment

Two pieces of mobility equipment can be carried free of charge and will not count against the standard baggage allowance.

However, passengers involved in a continuous journey in the same aircraft or with a single flight number that begins or ends at a U.S. airport, may carry on the aircraft or check as baggage any necessary assistive devices or mobility equipment free of charge, as long as such devices or equipment can be transported in a manner consistent with applicable government-imposed security, safety and hazardous materials requirements.

If you have a battery-powered wheelchair, you will need to take certain safeguards before you travel. Please ask for details at the time you make your booking.

Companions Providing Assistance
If you are not self-reliant (capable of taking care of all your physical needs independently in-flight) e.g. cannot self-lift into a wheelchair during the flight, we request you to travel with a companion who can assist you. While we would be happy to help where possible, we cannot assume obligation for providing on-board assistance, which might contravene health, safety or hygiene regulations.

For air transportation services involving a continuous journey in the same aircraft or with a single flight number that begins or ends at a U.S. airport, passengers are required to travel with an assistant or companion if they:

(1) Must travel in a stretcher or incubator;
(2) have a mental disability and are unable to comprehend or respond appropriately to safety instructions, safety briefings, or applicable government-imposed safety regulations;
(3) have a mobility impairment that prevents them from physically assisting in their own evacuation of an aircraft in an emergency situation; or
(4) Have both severe hearing and severe vision impairments that prevents them from communicating with carrier personnel to allow transmission of safety briefings or applicable government-imposed safety regulations or assisting in their own evacuation of an aircraft in an emergency situation.

Passengers requiring special assistance
We always try to accommodate our passengers who require special assistance on board. Aisle wheelchairs are available on our wide body aircraft. Safety regulations stipulate that passengers with reduced mobility should not be seated at emergency exits or in cross aisles that form part of emergency exit routes with pre-assigned seats allocated for easy identification by crew for assistance in case of an emergency. Toilets on board are equipped with assist facilities.

Visually Impaired or Hearing Impaired Passengers
If you require meet-and-assist service or if you need to be guided to or from the aircraft, please notify the booking agent at the time of making your reservation.

Travelling with Guide/Assistance Dogs
A dog trained to lead the visually impaired or the hearing impaired passengers may be accepted for transportation in the company of the passenger who is dependent on such a dog, without charge. SriLankan Airlines accepts "seeing eye" or "hearing" dogs subject to the following rules and regulations:
  • The dog shall only accompany the passenger if the said passenger's vision or hearing is impaired and he/she is actually dependent upon such a dog.
  • Meet and Assist on Arrival
  • Such dogs shall only be permitted to remain in the Business Class compartment of the passenger cabin. The passenger will therefore be required to travel on a Business class fare ticket.
  • Passengers dependent on such a dog and travelling in the lower class of service or on a mono-class flight shall have to part with the dog. The dog shall only be accepted for transportation in the cargo hold. However, no charges shall be levied. All other regulations pertaining to carriage of pets, live animals shall apply.
  • Only one dog may be carried in the Business Class cabin at any one time.
  • For other conditions of accepting such dogs, please contact your local SriLankan Airlines office to get full details.

Requirements for flying during Pregnancy
Expectant mothers need to carry a medical certificate issued within 3 days of departure confirming the date of delivery and fitness to fly.

Permitted Gestational Period
Single Uncomplicated Pregnancies
For flights up to 4 hours- up to 36 weeks pregnancy
For flights over 4 hours - up to 35 weeks pregnancy

Multiple Complicated Pregnancies (eg: Twins / Triplets)
For flights up to 4 hours- up to 32 weeks pregnancy
For flights over 4 hour- up to 28 weeks pregnancy

For further information on flying during your pregnancy, please contact

Passengers with special medical requirements
The following persons must receive medical clearance from SriLankan Airlines before flying:
  • Passengers suffering from a disease believed to be contagious and communicable.
  • Passengers manifesting an 'unusual behaviour' because of a disease or physical condition, which could have an adverse effect on the welfare and comfort of other passengers and/or crew or could be considered a potential hazard to the safety of the flight or its punctuality.
  • Passengers requiring medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flight.
  • Passengers whose medical conditions might become life threatening or where there is a concern that the passenger cannot complete the flight safely without extraordinary medical attention.
  • Passengers who cannot use the normal aircraft seat when placed in the upright position.
If your condition is described above, medical clearance from SriLankan Airlines is necessary. A 'Medical Information Form' (MEDIF) must be completed by your own doctor and submitted to the nearest SriLankan Airlines office, at least 48 hours before flight departure. Please ask your travel agent or contact any SriLankan Airlines office for a 'Medical Information Form' (MEDIF).


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