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Flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Cheap flights to Colombo Sri Lanka, a land like no other. Surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Indian ocean and blessed with year-round sunshine, Sri Lanka certainly is a most sought after holiday destination. Although it is a small island, Sri Lanka is in possession of quite a few treats for just about any traveller. From the misty mountains of the up-country region all the way to white sandy beaches and dense tropical rainforests, the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean' is a cornucopia of travelling pleasures that are available right throughout the year. For those of you who wish for paradise, this little island is where you will find it.

Say you are in London and would like to enjoy some sun and sand and spice for a change. Of course, Sri Lanka is a long way away for many of you. What if you can pass all those many, many miles in complete comfort at a highly affordable cost? Sri Lankan Airlines offers you the chance to purchase a direct flight to Sri Lanka from a range of cheap flights to Colombo from London and other convenient locations.

Cheap flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Direct flight to Sri Lanka For those of you who are on the lookout for a chance for sun drenched leisure, Sri Lanka is a perfect holiday destination. With the likes of Sri Lankan Airlines offering cheap flights to Colombo from London or many other major cities in the world, you will be able to enjoy affordability along with the endless pleasures that this fantastic island has to offer.

Colombo is a city that is strategically positioned on the Western Coast of Sri Lanka where the East-West sea routes pass. The city of Colombo along with Gampaha and Kalutara make up the Colombo Metropolitan Region. Of course, being a highly urbanized area where towering buildings dominate the skyline has not taken any of the appealing aspects of the city away. Beyond the tall buildings and bustling streets is the shimmering blue Indian Ocean and many hotels and travel accommodations along the coastline. Colombo is home to quite a few top class hotels and unique restaurants as well as corporate offices of high ranking government as well as private organisations.

If you are to invest in one of the many cheap flights to Colombo, offered by Sri Lankan Airlines, then you will be in for a real treat of a vacation. With Colombo being a bustling city as well as a thriving travel location, you will truly be getting the best of both worlds.

Direct flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Flights to Sri Lanka from London They say good things don't come easy. As for having a taste of paradise, all it takes is a direct flight to Sri Lanka. With Sri Lankan Airlines offering you affordable flight packages at the touch of a button, all you need to do is to pack your sunscreen and a camera as Sri Lanka is full of lovely sights that you wouldn't want to miss. From the misty mountains covered with tea plantations all the way to colourful city life in the bustling cities, Sri Lanka is where you will find travelling pleasures that no traveller can refuse.

Of course, one cannot do justice to this exotic land without mentioning the fantastic cuisine. Sri Lankan cuisine is a rare blend of homegrown spices and fresh local ingredients. Whether you dine at a five star outlet in Colombo or a tiny roadside vendor in Galle, the authentic taste of Sri Lankan cuisine simply has to be savoured firsthand.

With all these unique attractions, activities and sights, Sri Lanka is a true paradise for anyone who is on the lookout for an exotic experience. Flights to Sri Lanka from London as well as a wide selection of other locations all over the globe, are available from Sri Lankan Airlines. Sri Lankan Airlines offers a multitude of flight options that might include your ideal direct flight to Sri Lanka or a cheap flight to Sri Lanka from London, Heathrow Airport that would make your trip as pleasant as the destination. The great thing about this island is the fact that you can enjoy perfect holiday weather all throughout the year. Sri Lankan Airlines offers you the opportunity to take advantage of this by picking flights to Sri Lanka from London or any other location of your choice without the slightest complications. So, what are you waiting for? Book a cheap flight to Sri Lanka from London, Heathrow at your convenience and be prepared to enjoy lovely Sri Lanka right now!

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